Standard Form Calculator

The standard form calculator is used for converting large and difficult to read math numbers into an easily readable form. To convert numbers into the standard form, people use the standard notation calculator/converter.

Standard Form Calculator

Standard Notation Calculator

This online standard notation calculator can also find scientific, e, and engineering notation of the entered number.

What is Standard form?

The standard form is another way of writing numbers. It is a more common and easy method of writing real numbers. It was devised to make long values easy to read.

An example of numbers in standard form is:

  • 5.0 x 103
  • 3.1 x 10-9

How to write in standard form?

One way to write in the standard form is, of course, using the standard notation calculator above. But for convenience and understanding, the process of finding the standard notation is explained below through an example.


Convert 300800000 into standard form.


Step 1: Identify the first non-zero digit and place the decimal point after this number.

Step 2: Count the digits after the decimal point and raise this value as a power of ten.

Step 3: Represent the numbers up to the last non-zero digit only.

This is the standard form of 300800000.