Significant Figures Calculator

Enter the number or value in the significant figures calculator to find the number of significant values.

Sig Fig Calculator

Significant Figures Calculator :

Sig Fig Calculator

Sig Figs calculator has several functions. You can round the values and know the individual significant figures. You can find E-notation and scientific notation along with the number of decimals in the rounding significant figure (sig fig) calculator. 

What are significant figures?

Definition of significant figures is:

“Significant figures of a number are digits that contribute to the precision of that number.”

Rules of Significant figures

The rules used to determine whether a number is a significant figure or not are:

  • Non-Zero Digits: All non-zero digits like 1,7,4 e.t.c are significant figures. The number 2345 has 4 significant figures as all digits are non-zero.
  • Leading Zeros: The zeros at the start of the values are not significant. For example in the example 0.07, the only significant figure is 7.
  • Zeros between sig figs: The zeros that are present between two significant figures are also significant. For example in the number 903, the 0 is significant.
  • Zeros after the decimal point: The zeros that are present after a decimal point are also significant e.g zero in 5.0.