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2's Complement of Binary

What is two’s complement?

2’s complement of binary numbers is a mathematical operation with the biggest advantage that fundamental arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication remain similar for unsigned binary numbers.

It is used in computers and electronic devices to simplify arithmetic and mathematical operations.

You will have a clear idea of the 2s complement after using the two's complement converter.

For further understanding, refer to the below section where we will answer the most important questions such as how to find two’s complement of a binary number? How to find 2s complement of a negative number?

How to find two’s complement of a decimal number?

Are you a student and want to learn the method to convert binary numbers to 2s complement? Here, we will explain the step by step method of two’s complement conversion without using the 2s complement calculator.


Find the two’s complement of (68)10.


Step 1: Convert the decimal number into binary number.

(68)10 = (01000100)2

Step 2: Take the one’s complement of the binary number. 1’s complement can be taken by converting the 0’s to 1 and 1’s to zero.

1’s complement of (01000100) = 10111011

Step 3: Add 1 to the number produced in the last step.

So, two’s complement binary number of (68)10 = 10111100.

Note: To calculate the 2’s complement of binary number, skip the 1st step. You can reverse the steps if you want to convert two's complement to decimal.

Two's Complement Table:

Two's (2's) complement of Binary value
2's complement of -5 00000101
2's complement of 5 11111011
2s complement of -7 00000111
2s complement of 7 11111001
2's complement of 10 11110110
2's complement of -10 00001010
2's complement of 44 11010100
2's complement of -44 00101100
2s complement of 4 11111100
2s complement of -4 00000100
2's complement of -45 00101101
2's complement of -13 00001101
2's complement of 12 11110100
2's complement of 6 11111010
2's complement of 50 11001110
2's complement of 19 11101101
2's complement of -19 00010011
2's complement of 15 11110001
2's complement of 1000 110000011000(12 bits)
2's complement of 1010111 10101001
2's complement of 101101 11010011
2's complement of 1010101 10101011


How do you calculate two's complement?

To calculate two’s complement,

  • Convert given number in binary number.
  • Change all 0’s of binary number to 1 and all 1’s to 0.
  • Add 1 to the number produced in last step.

What is the 2 complement of 44?

2’s complement of 44 is 1101 0100.


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