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Divisibility Test Calculator


Divisibility calculator is an online tool that tells us if a number is divisible by another number. It takes two numbers and shows the result as “divisible” or “not divisible.”

Let’s discuss the method to check the divisibility of two numbers.

How to check divisibility of two numbers?

To check whether a number a is divisible by another number b, divide the number a with b. If there is no remainder after division, it means a is divisible by b.

In case, there is a remainder after the division, it means a is not divisible by b.


  1. Is 78 divisible by 2?

Divide both numbers.

= 78/2 = 36

As you can see, there is no remainder in the division, which means 78 is divisible by 2.

  1. Is 35 divisible by 3?

Divide 35 by 3.

= 35/3

As you can see, there is a remainder of 11 in this division. So, 35 is not divisible by 3.

You can use divisibility rules calculator to check divisibility without doing all of the above stuff.