e Raised to Power X calculator

Use this online e calculator to solve your Napier equations. Enter the value of x in the input box and use the Calculate button. The exponential calculator will calculate e^x for you.

e Raised to Power X Calculator

  • e = 2.71828

e calculator takes the value of x from the user and calculates e power x instantly. It is a very handy tool that can be used to find e raised to x without facing any difficulty.

Keep on reading if you want to learn what is Euler’s number, How to calculate Napier’s constant with some examples of e to the power of x.

What is e (Napier’s constant)?

Number "e" is Napier’s constant and it holds eminent importance in mathematics. It is a natural number with a value of 2.7182818284590….,. The number e is infinite in nature. It is the base of the natural logarithm.

The Euler’s number (e) or Napier’s constant was invented by John Napier. It can also be expressed as a summation of infinite series.

How to calculate e raised to a power?

Have you tried the above exponential function calculator yet? Now, let’s take a dive into the handbook method to find e with some examples.

Follow the steps below to calculate the natural number raised to a power.


Solve for ex.

e^2, e^(32)


As we know, the value of exponential function e is 2.718.

e^2 = e × e = 2.718 × 2.718

e^2 = 7.38906

For e^(32), simplify the power of e and place the value of e.

e^(32) = e^9 = 2.718^9

e^(32) = 8103.08393

You can use the exponential equation calculator to save yourself from these calculations.

Note: The above tool is sometimes referred to as Euler’s number calculator.

Graph of e^x

Table for e^x

Refer to the Value of e^x table below. All values are generated using our exponential form calculator.

e^x (e to the power x) Answer: Euler’s number value
value of e^-7 0.00091
value of e^-6 0.00248
value of e^-5 0.00674
value of e^-4 0.01832
value of e^-3 0.04979
value of e^-2 0.13534
value of e^-1 0.36788
value of e^0 1.00000
value of e^1 2.71828
value of e^2 7.38906
value of e^3 20.08554
value of e^4 54.59815
value of e^5 148.41316
value of e^6 403.42879
value of e^7 1096.63316


What is the value of Napier's constant?

The value of Napier’s constant is 2.7182818284590. It is an infinite value.

How do I calculate e?

e or Euler’s number is a natural number that has the natural starting value of 2.7182818284590. It is a mathematical constant. e can be calculated by taking the e raised to the power x.

e3 = e × e × e = 2.718 × 2.718 × 2.718 = 20.08554

What is the value of 1 by e?

The value of 1 by e (1/e) is 0.36787944117. It can be calculated by taking the reciprocal of e.

What is the value of E Power 0?

The value of e power 0 is 1.


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