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Word Conversion

Enter a number in the input box and hit the calculate button to converts from numbers to words

The numbers to words converter gives you the text form of the number you enter. You can enter up to 9 digit values to convert numbers to words. Use this numbers to words calculator to know your amount in words in Indian rupees

How to use our numbers to text calculator?

  1. Enter the number in the input box.
  2. Hit Calculate.
  3. Reset for another conversion

How to convert the number in words?

It is a simple enough method once you memorize the place values of the numbers. But converting larger numbers to words can take time and hence the above online numbers in words in English converter is recommended.

To convert numbers or fractions to words, letters and text, see the places below where you start placing your numbers from the right.

Ten Crore Crore Ten Lakh Lakh Ten Thousand Thousand Hundred Ten Unit
108 107 106 105 104 1000 100 10 1

If you have a number then start placing its rightmost digit under the unit’s place. After that, the second right number should be placed under ten’s place, and so on.

Rules to convert numbers to word

To write the numbers in words.

  1. Always start from right.
  2. Write the numbers in English e.g 1 will be written as one, 2 as two e.t.c
  3. Places with the same suffixes like hundred thousand, ten thousand, and one thousand will be written jointly.
    For instance, consider you have the number 111000. It will be read as One hundred eleven thousand. It will not be read as one hundred thousand one ten thousand and one thousand. 
    Also, it doesn’t make sense.
  4. Write ‘and’ before the last word or compound (e.g twenty-three)


Convert 12300 into words.


Step 1: Make the place value table.

Ten Crore Crore Ten Lakh Lakh Ten Thousand Thousand Hundred Ten Unit

Step 2: Place the rightmost digit under the unit.

The rightmost digit is 0.

Ten Crore Crore Ten Lakh Lakh Ten Thousand Thousand Hundred Ten Unit

Step 3: keep placing numbers from the right side.

Ten Crore Crore Ten Lakh Lakh Ten Thousand Thousand Hundred Ten Unit
        1 2 3 0 0

Step 4: Write in words.

Twelve Thousand and three hundred.

Example 2:
Convert following numbers to words.

  1. 230
  2. 10001
  3. 6789
  4. 1000278


  1. Two hundred and thirty
  2. Ten thousand and one
  3. Six thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine
  4. Ten lakh two hundred and seventy-eight

International numeric words for numbers

The words lakh and Crore are Hindi numeric units but they are equally famous all around the world similarly million and billions are the units that are used internationally. The alternative words are

  1. Lakh = Hundred thousand
  2. Ten lakh = Million
  3. Crore = Ten Million
  4. Ten Crore = Hundred Million

In the international number system, a new word is introduced after three places from thousand onwards. Like 

  • 1000 is one thousand (1st place)
  • 10,000 is ten thousand (2nd place)
  • 100,1000 is a hundred thousand. (3rd place)

Now, a new word will be used for the digit places after a hundred thousand.

  • 1,000,000 is one million (1st place)
  • 10,000,000 is ten million (2nd place)
  • 100,000,000 is a hundred million (3rd place)

The new word is billion (109) and after that trillion (1012), quadrillion (1015), and quintillion (1015) respectively.


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