Surd Form Calculator

Enter the root value and number in the below input boxes. The surd form calculator will help you determine whether the provided number is surd or not.

Surds Irrational Number

It is a challenging task to determine if a number is surd or not. We have developed a decimal to surd calculator to make this evaluation simple for you. Now you only have to put your number in the surd calculator to know if it is a surd.

How surd calculator works?

Wanna know how to convert decimal to surd form in calculator?

The surds calculator tells if a number is in surd form. To use this tool, follow the below steps.

  • Enter the root value and the number in the given input boxes.
  • Press the Calculate button to see if the number is surd or not.
  • Use the Reset button to enter new values.

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What is surd?

When numbers are left in root form to express their exact value they are known as surds. Surds are irrational as they are infinite numbers with recurring decimals. For example,

How to identify surd numbers?

As you know, surds are irrational numbers which mean they cannot be expressed in the form of fractions. We can identify a number as surd if it cannot be simplified to remove the square root.

Let’s evaluate a few numbers using examples.


√25, √32, √100, 81


√25 = √ (5×5) = √52 = 5 ----------> is not a surd

√32 = √ (16×2) = 4√2 -----------> is a surd

√100 = √ (10×10) = 10 ------------> is not a surd

81 = (3×3×3×3) = ∛ (33×3) = 33 ------------> is a surd

Use number to surd calculator above to identify the surd for simple and complex root number.

All of the below values are evaluated using our decimal to surd form converter.

Number Simple form Decimal form Is it Surd?
√2 √2 1.4142135... Surd
√3 √3 1.7320508... Surd
√4 2 2 Not a surd
√¼ ½ 0.5 Not a surd
3√11 3√11 2.2239800... Surd
3√27 3 3 Not a surd
5√3 5√3 1.2457309... Surd


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