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Static Friction

To calculate Static Friction:

Static friction calculator is an online tool used to calculate:

  • Static friction Fs
  • Static friction coefficient μs
  • Normal force N

Let’s explore static friction definition and formula of static friction in the next sections. We will also explain how to find static friction without using the coefficient of friction calculator.

Static friction formula

Static Friction:
Fs = μs × N

Static Friction Coefficient:
μs = Fs/N

Normal Force:
N = Fss

Fs = Static friction,

μs = Static Friction Coefficient,
N = Normal Force.

What is static friction?

Static friction is the friction that exists between a motionless object and the surface on which it's resting. It is the force of friction between unmoving objects. It causes the objects to remain in stationary form. Its SI unit is Newton N.

For example, a sofa resting on the floor is due to the static force acting on it.

How to calculate static friction?

Static friction is greater than kinetic friction because more forces are acting to maintain an object in its existing form. It is easier to calculate as static friction is the product of coefficient of static friction and normal force.

Follow the example below if you want to calculate static friction by yourself (without using maximum static friction calculator).


Find the static friction acting on a shopping cart having a normal force of 20 N and with a 0.25 coefficient of friction.


Step 1: Write down the values.

μs = 0.25

N = 20 N

Step 2: Write down the static friction equation and place the values.

Fs = μs × N

Fs = 0.25 × 20

Fs = 5 N

The same method can be used to find the coefficient of friction and normal force if static friction is given. Rearrange the equation of static friction to calculate coefficient of friction and normal force.

All of the above calculations can be obtained or verified using coefficient of static friction calculator.


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