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Select the value you want to calculate, i.e., spring potential energy, spring force constant, or spring stretch length using elastic energy calculator. Fill the given boxes and press the Calculate button to get the desired value from the elastic potential calculator.

Potential Energy

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The elastic potential energy calculator not only calculates the potential energy, but it can also find the other variables of potential energy such as elastic force and elastic spring length. In short form, it is often referred to as epe calculator.

What is elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy is the energy stored in compressed or stretched objects. Elastic potential energy is used in calculations of mechanical equilibrium.

The potential energy in a stretched object such as a spring releases the kinetic energy when it returns to its original position. Spring stretch calculator can be used to find that elastic potential energy at one click.

The SI elastic potential energy unit is joule (J).

Elastic potential energy formula

The elastic potential energy equation is:

U=1/2 k∆x2


U is the elastic energy,

x is the change in position, and

k is spring constant.

If you want to calculate the total force required to compress or extend an object, use our Hooke’s Law calculator.

How to calculate elastic potential energy?

The elastic potential energy can be calculated using the above equation of potential energy. We will discuss the step by step method to find elastic energy. On the other hand, the spring potential energy calculator is always ready for any type of potential energy calculations.

Follow these steps to manually calculate spring potential energy with elastic potential energy examples.


A spring is 0.2 m long. When stretched, it becomes 0.5 m. If the spring has a spring constant of 500 N/m, calculate the total potential energy in the spring.


Step 1: Identify and write down the values.

k = 500 N/m

x = 0.5 – 0.2 = 0.3 m           x is change in position.

Step 2: Place the values in the formula of potential energy.

U=1/2 k∆x2

Elastic Potential Energy U = 22.5 J

In case you don’t have time to do all of the above steps and want to jump directly to the answer, use the potential energy of a spring calculator above.


How is elastic potential energy calculated?

Elastic potential energy can be calculated using the below equation.

U=1/2 k∆x2

In this equation, k is the spring constant while x2 is the change in position.

Apart from this equation, elastic potential energy can also be calculated using the spring energy calculator above.

What are the 3 forms of potential energy?

The 3 forms of potential energy are:

  • Gravitational potential energy
  • Elastic potential energy
  • Chemical potential energy


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