Potential Energy Calculator

Enter the values in the input fields to calculate potential energy with this potential energy calculator.

Potential Energy

To calculate Potential Energy:

The calculator uses the gravitational potential energy formula to find the potential energy of an object.

It provides an option to calculate the mass, acceleration of gravity, and height of an object in a fraction of seconds.

What is Potential Energy?

In physics, Potential Energy is the energy that is stored in an object because of its position relative to few zero points.

It is the gravitational potential energy that deals with the Earth’s mechanical system. It is denoted by P.E. and its unit is Joule.

The P.E is position relative and the kinetic energy is motion relative.

These two energies can transform into each other. In simple words, potential energy can transform into kinetic energy and vice versa.

Potential Energy Formula

The gravitational potential energy calculator uses the following equation to find potential energy:

P.E. = mgh


P.E is the potential energy,

m is the mass of the object,

g is the acceleration of gravity,

and h is the height of an object (m).

Whereas, the Gravitational Acceleration of the Earth is 9.8 m/s2.

How to calculate potential energy?

To calculate the potential energy of an object, let’s have a look at the following example:


Calculate the P.E of an object if mass= 5kg, height = 10m, and acceleration of gravity = 4 m/s2.


Step 1: Apply the potential energy equation.

P.E. = mgh

Step 2: Enter the given values into the equation.

P.E. = 5*4*10

Step 3: Perform calculations.

P.E. = 200 Joule

Potential Energy (P.E) = 200 J.


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