Average Velocity Calculator

To find the value of average velocity, Put the values of initial and final velocity in the average velocity calculator.

Average velocity

To calculate Average velocity:

  • m/s
  • s

Average Velocity Calculator

This average velocity calculator is an online tool that can compute the average velocity of an object or body if the values of initial and final velocities are known.

What is average velocity?

Average velocity is defined as:

 “The average speed of a body in an observed time period.”

 In other words, it is the overall velocity with which a body moves.

Average velocity formula:

The standard equation used to calculate the average velocity of an object in a given span of time period is:

Vaverage =(vi + v)/2

In this equation.

  • vis the initial velocity.
  • vis the final velocity.

The formula used to calculate initial velocity is:

vi=2vave -vf

The formula for final velocity is:

vf=2vave -vi

Average velocity problem:


A car starts moving on a road. Its velocity at point A is 20ms-1 and at point B is 50ms-1. What is the average velocity of the car during this time?


Step 1: Identify the given values:

Initial velocity vi= 20 ms-1

Final velocity vf= 50 ms-1

Step 2: Solve by putting in the formula.

vaverage =(20 + 50)/2

= 35 m/s