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In the next sections, we will discuss how to find distance without using the distance formula physics calculator, how to calculate average speed without using average speed calculator, what is distance, and the formula of distance with some examples.

How to use distance physics calculator?

Follow these steps to use the time distance calculator:

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  • Enter the required values.
  • Hit the Calculate button to see the answer.
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Distance definition

Distance refers to the physical length and how far two objects in consideration are. It is the total space between the two objects.

Whereas, displacement is defined as the change in the position of an object from one place to another.

Distance formula

The formula of distance or displacement can be written as:

S = v × t


S refers to the displacement or distance,

v is the velocity, and

t is the time.

It can be interpreted as the distance is the product of speed and time.

How to calculate distance?

Distance or displacement can be calculated using the above equation. If you are interested in the manual calculation of distance without using the mph calculator, check out the example below.

  • Identify and write down the given values.
  • Write down the distance formula
  • Place the values and solve the equation.

Example 1: Find the distance

Find the distance covered by a car that is moving with an average speed of 60 m/s for 10 minutes?


Step 1: Write down the given values.

t = 10 minutes = 10 × 60 = 600 seconds

va = 60 m/s

Step 2: Write down the equation of distance.

S = v × t

S = 60 × 600

S = 36000 m or 36 km

This tool can also be used as a travel time calculator because you can find the total time using this tool.

Example 2: Find the average speed

Find the average speed of a car if it has covered the distance of 200 km in 3 hours?


Step 1: Write down the values.

S = 200 km

t = 3 h

Step 2: Use the distance equation to find the speed.

S = v × t

200 = v × 3

v = 200/3

v = 66.67 km/h

Use our miles per hour calculator above to verify the answers of the given examples.


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