Kinetic Energy Calculator

This online kinetic energy calculator has been developed to calculate Kinetic Energy(KE).

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It can find the amount of energy a body possesses by simply using two basic quantities; mass and velocity. The kinetic energy calculator can be adjusted to find the remaining two values as well.

How to use this kinetic energy calculator?

To use the kinetic energy calculator, follow these steps.

  1. Select the quantity you want to find for example KE.

  2. Enter the values in the SI units.

  3. Press enter to calculate.

Now let’s see what kinetic energy is and the formula for the calculation of kinetic energy.

What is Kinetic Energy?

There are two types of energies. Potential energy deals with the position and kinetic energy deals with the motion.

The energy that an object processes due to its motion are called Kinetic Energy. It can be defined as the work done to accelerate a body of given mass from rest to its current or desired velocity.
Since it is a form of energy it is also represented in SI-derived unit Joules (j).

Kinetic Energy Formula:

The kinetic energy equation is:
K.E   = (mv2) / 2 
Here K.E is the abbreviation of kinetic energy. The letter “m” is for mass and “v” is for velocity. 

This equation can be rearranged to find the values of mass and velocity as well.

For mass:
m = (2)(K.E) / (v2)

For velocity:
v = √2.(K.E) / m

How to Calculate Kinetic energy?

To find kinetic energy you will have to know two quantities beforehand. Find the values of mass and velocity. Take the square of the velocity and multiply it by mass. Now divide it by 2. 

To understand more let’s solve a basic example.


Find the values of kinetic energy possessed by a boy running with a velocity of 15 ms-2. The weight of the boy is 41 kilograms.


Step 1: Write the given data.
Mass (m) = 41 kg
Velocity = 15 ms-2

Step 2: Put the values in the kinetic energy equation.

K.E   = (mv2) / 2 
K.E   = (41)(15)2 / 2 
K.E   = (41)(225) / 2
K.E   = 9225 / 2
K.E   = 4612.5 j