Oxygen Content Calculation

An arterial blood gas (ABG) is a blood test that is performed using blood from an artery. The test is used to determine the pH of the blood, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and the bicarbonate level.

Arterial Blood Calculator

  • Hemoglobin

  • Oxygen saturation arterial blood

  • Partial pressure of arterial oxygen

  • CaO2=


Metabolic Acidosis Compensation: Winters Formula
Arterial oxygen content =(Hgb x 1.36 x SaO2) + (0.0031 x PaO2)

SaO2 = % of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen
(Normal range: 93-100%)
Hgb = hemoglobin
Normal range(Adults): Male: 13-18 g/dl Female: 12-16 g/dl
PaO2= Arterial oxygen partial pressure
(Normal range: 80-100)
CaO2: Directly reflects the total number of oxygen molecules in arterial blood (both bound and unbound to hemoglobin)
Thus by this Online Medical Calculator, Arterial Blood Oxygen content can be estimated.