Anion Gap Calculator - Calculate difference between Cations, Anions

Anion Gap is the difference between the sum of cations and anions found in plasma or serum. The anion gap is used to aid in the differential diagnosis of metabolic acidosis.

Anion Gap Calculator

  • Na (mEq/L)

  • Cl (mEq/L)

  • HCO3 (mEq/L)

  • ANC (Anion Gap in mEq/L)=


Formula used:
Anion Gap in mEq/L =[Na] - ([Cl] + [HCO3])
Normal: 12 (+/-) 4 mEq/L

Anion gap is an 'artificial' and calculated measure that is representative of the unmeasured ions in plasma or serum. Calculate the difference between Cations, Anions in plasma using this free online physics calculator.