Chloride as SodiumChloride Titration

A known excess volume of silver nitrate solution is added to precipitate all chloride as silver chloride. Titrate the excess unreacted silver nitrate with known strength of potassium thio cyanate, kscn using ferric alum as indicator.


  • volume of silver nitrate

  • volume of kscn

  • sample weight

  • Percentage of chloride as sodiumchloride


percentage of chloride as sodiumchloride = ( Weight of silica crucible with contents before ashing * weight of silica crucible with contents after ashing/weight of sample*100)

kscn - potassium thio cyanate

The end point is the appearance of reddish tinge on the precipitate (Mohr's method). Thus by this free online ../Chemistry Calculator, estimation of chloride as sodiumchloride with kscn as titrate agent is made easy.