Calculate Relative Humidity, Dewpoint From Wet-bulb Temperature

Simple online weather calculator to find the relative humidity and the dewpoint by knowing the temperature, wet-bulb temperature and actual station pressure.

Calculation of Relative Humidity, Dewpoint from Wet-bulb Temperature - Weather Calculato

  • Temperature

    Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin
  • Wet-bulb

    Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin
  • Actual station pressure

    in of Hg mm of Hg millibars (hPA)
  • Dewpoint (Fahrenheit):

  • (Celsius)

  • (Kelvin)

  •  Relative humidity (%)



T = Air temperature,
Tw = Wet-bulb temperature,
psta = Station pressure,
ew = Vapor pressure related to wet-bulb temperature,
es = Saturated Vapor pressure,
e = actual vapor pressure,
rh = Relative humidity,
Td = Dewpoint temperature.

Calculation of relative humidity and dewpoint is made easier by knowing the wet-bulb temperature.It is used in weather forecasting.