Push / Pull Hydraulic Cylinder Calculation

A Hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator that is used to give a linear force through a linear stroke. By moving piston upwards and downwards, push and pull forces are executed. This Calculator is used to calculate both of them at any specified angle.

Push / Pull Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator

  • Bore of a Cylinder(b)

  • Pound per Square Inch(PSI)

  • Diameter of a Rod(d)

  • Angle(degrees)

  • Push of a Hydraulic Cylinder (lbs)

  • Pull of a Hydraulic Cylinder (lbs)


push=sin(angle)*PSI*3.1415*b2/4 lbs.

pull=sin(angle)*PSI*3.1415*(b2-d2)/4 lbs.

Calculation of Push / Pull Calculator for Hydraulic Cylinder at any specified angle is made easier. Free online mechanical calculator.