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Integral Calculator

This online Integral (antiderivative) calculator is used to find the area under a curve. You can find a step-wise solution for both definite and indefinite integral with this calculator/solver.

You can perform integration and evaluate integrals on an unlimited amount of functions using this calculator. Users can also find integration by parts or double integration through this free calculator.

What is integration?

Integration is the process of evaluating integrals. The symbol used for integrals is a fancy s i.e ‘’.There are some rules of integrals that make integration easy.

The definite integrals are the inverse of derivatives that is why they are also referred to as antiderivatives. Indefinite integrals are used to find the area under a curve line. 

How to evaluate integrals?

The easiest way to learn “how to perform integration?” is by looking at an example.


For a function g(x) = 3x2, Find the definite integral at the interval [1,2].


Step 1: Write down the function.

g(x) = 3x2

Step 2: Perform integration.

g’(x)= ∫ (3x2).dx

g’(x)= 3 ∫ (x2+1 / 2+1) (using power rule)

g’(x)= 3 ∫(x3/3)

g’(x)= x3 + c

Step 3: Find upper and lower limits on the interval [1,2].

The upper limit g(a) is:

g(a) = g(1) = 13 = 1

The lower limit g(b) is:

g(b) = g(2) = 23 = 8

Step 4: Subtract g(b) from g(a).

= g(b) - g(a) = 8 - 1 = -7

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