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Electrical Admittance

To calculate Electrical Admittance:

  • ohms
  • ohms

What is admittance?

If admittance has to be defined, it’s a measure of how easy a circuit will allow to flow current. Its SI unit is Siemens. Admittance is the inverse of impedance.

Admittance formula

As we know, admittance is the reverse of impedance. The formula of admittance can be expressed as:

Y = 1Z

Where, Z = R + jX

So, we can write the admittance equation as:

Y = 1(R + jX)

Where, Y is admittance,

Z refers to impedance,

R is resistance (real part),

X is reactance (imaginary part), and

j is the imaginary unit.

Impedance to admittance conversion can be carried out using the impedance equation.

How to calculate electrical admittance?

Electrical admittance can be calculated by using the above equation of admittance. While it’s very easy to calculate admittance using the equation. The impedance to admittance calculator makes it more convenient to find admittance without involving formulas.

To find admittance, follow the below steps:

  • Identify and write down the given values.
  • Write down the admittance formula and place the values.
  • Solve the equation to get the admittance.


Find the admittance of a circuit if the resistance is 20 ohms and reactance is 10 ohms?


Step 1: Write down the given values.

R = 20 ohms

X = 10 ohms

Step 2: Write down the equation of admittance and place the values.

Y = 1(R + jX)

Y = 1(20 + j10)

By taking the conjugate of 1(20 + j10):
1(20 + j10) × (20 − j10)(20 − j10)

20 − j10202 − j2102

20202 − j210220202 − j2102

20400 + (−1)(100)20400 + (−1)(100) × j

2050020500 × j
Y = 0.04 − 0.02j

Use the admittance to impedance calculator above to verify the result of these calculations.


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