Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Calculator Calculator

Online fuel efficiency calculator will help one calculate fuel efficiency, and consumption of vehicle, this is one of most in demand budget calculators as prices of fuel are soaring. It is important for vehicle owners to know how much money they require to keep their cars running.

It is very convenient online calculator just add few reading to given calculator and hit submit button, on doing this all reading one needs to know will be on screen.

Facts one will know on using this automobile calculator
  • Cost of running a vehicle per kilometer.
  • Price of fuel consumed per liter
  • Fuel used per kilometer.
With all these readings, one can get maximum average per kilometer for every liter of petrol/diesel used.

Cost of Running a Vehicle Calculator

Cost of Running a Vehicle:

  • Total pumped petrol/diesel :


  • Price for pumped petrol/diesel :

  • Odometer Begining Reading :


  • Odometer Ending Reading :



  • Price of petrol/diesel per litre :

  • Cost of running per km :

  • Fixed Charges :