Floor load capacity calculator

Input the values of Modulus of subgrade and elasticity, slab thickness, and extreme fiber stress.

Then click “calculate” to find the maximum floor load or weight capacity of the concrete floor through the Floor load capacity calculator.

Live Load Capacity

To calculate live maximum floor live load capacity:

Floor Load Capacity Calculator 

The online concrete slab load capacity calculator is a great engineering tool to help you calculate floor strength. This tool has wide use in civil engineering.

What is Floor load capacity?

It is the weight or load a floor can support. It is measured in pounds per square foot. The typical floor loading capacity is 25,000 pounds. 

It is one of the major features that are kept in view during the construction process. Some buildings require stronger floors for special use, hence finding floor load capacity becomes important.

If it is not taken care of then the excessive load can damage the structure.

Floor Load capacity formula:

The equation used is 

W = 257.676 x s x (k x h / E)0.5


  • “s” is the allowable extreme fiber stress in tension.
  • “k” is the modulus of subgrade reaction.
  • “h” is the thickness of the slab.
  • “E” is the modulus of elasticity.

What are dead and live loads?

Both dead and live loads are taken into consideration while calculating load capacity. 

Dead load:

It is the load of the structure itself. It includes beams, walls e.t.c that make up a floor.

Live load: 

It is the dynamic load that is placed on the floor and is not part of the structure.